Shopping from your favourite online stores in the USA, UK and China has never been easier!

Fill the form below and a comprehensive quote inclusive of shipping and customs fees will be sent to you.

The Process

You order your products online on Best Buy, Amazon, eBay or any US, UK & China online retailer of your choice and ship it to our respective addresses.
or Email: with links to the items you want to buy so we can give you a quote.

Once we have received your package, we will inform you and give you a shipping quote by Air (10 to 15 Business Days Delivery Window) to our Nairobi office. Our Air shipping rate is $15 per kg actual or volumetric weight whichever is higher.

Upon receiving your shipping quote you will be required to make a payment to our MPESA till number before we ship out your package from our US, UK or China office.

We can also shop on your behalf if the process is confusing for you or if you don't have a credit card or if the credit card isn't accepted by online retailers and stores in the US or UK or China . Clients who prefer this option have to make payment to our MPESA till number of the entire shopping total including shipping charges, we would then shop for them using our own credit card.

Email: with links to the items you want to buy so we can give you a quote if you need us to shop for you.

Once we have received payment (remember to email us the payment confirmation) we will ship out your package on the next shipment date.

Upon arrival in Nairobi, our office will contact you to come and pick up your package or you can arrange for a courier/ parcel service of your choice to deliver your package to you at your own cost.

Track your order

Enter your order tracking number on the bar and find out where your product is.

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